Storage Box with 10 palettes for Eyelash Extensions

Storage box eyelash pallets and professional glue eyelash extensions [...]

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How to protect your eyelash extension equipment at your workplace? How do you easily store and sort all the eyelash extensions you have on hand? Fall for the StoreLashes eyelash extension storage box. Silk, synthetic, premium silk eyelashes ... It does not matter! Get organised and offer a captivating, tailor-made look for your clients.

Presenting: The Eyelash Extensions Storage Box

The Store Lashes storage box will allow you to organise, protect and store your eyelash extension strips.

Its refined and elegant design is suited for any workspace.

Thanks to its 10 integrated palettes, eyelash extensions will be within reach.

Practical, the palettes allow you to have your eyelash extension adhesive strips available during application, as well as your glues and treatments. Thanks to its space reserved for glue, you will be able to apply a sticker for each installation before adding your drop of glue.

Ideal for quick and orderly storage thanks to its curvature and thickness storage system, your eyelash extensions will be perfectly identifiable and quickly accessible. A real application facilitator for the professional that you are!


Storage box with 10 storage pallets for eyelash extensions, with space for glue.

10 spaces for adhesive tapes.

Washable and reusable palettes.

Material: Acrylic

Dimensions of the box: 16.2 cm x 17 cm x 11.2cm

Palette size: 13.5cm x 8cm

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Make your work easier! The storage box is a must-have for all technicians looking for efficiency. To work quickly and with precision for the greatest comfort of your customers, do not hesitate to browse our accessory category by clicking here.