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Slimming Pink Brush

Pink slimming brush activation destocking cellulite [...]


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Are you looking for a slimming brush for the body? To be used alongside a moisturising oil, the slimming brush promises you results with smoother skin, free of cellulite, provided you perform the right actions.

Pink slimming brush

Treat yourself to a firming and anti-cellulite massage with the BerryBody pink slimming brush.

The slimming brush prolongs the effects of the suction cup by massaging your thighs and buttocks or stomach. Its small nubs will increase blood circulation and smooth cellulite thanks to circular motions. Say goodbye to the ‘peau d’orange’ effect in just a few days.

Ideal for slimming hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Gives a smoother, firmer, finer appearance to the treated areas of your body.

Our advice

Use with StoreLashes Organic Sweet Almond or Orange Massage Oil for optimal results. Take care of your skin and your body with a professional and effective range that respects your skin.