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“Pandora” Collection Eyelash Extensions

Pandora Lash extensions: revolutionise Russian Volume lash extension technique […]


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You’re aware of the Russian Volume revolution, right? The Pandora lash extensions offer an enhanced natural look instantaneously. With 3 different lengths, your client’s look will be magnified and brightened in a natural way. Discover the Pandora lash extensions by StoreLashes.

Pandora Eyelash Extensions

You know this : Pandora eyelash extensions are revolutionary in Russian Volume technique.

How’s that, you ask? Thanks to these adhesive strips, which are composed of extensions of 3 different lengths.

Aside from a natural look, your client will also benefit from undeniable comfort and durability, thanks to the refined and thus lighter clusters.


These cluster are pick and mix:

Size: 7/9/11mm or 8/10/12mm

Curve: C or D

Thickness: 0.07mm

Material: Silk

Our Advice

For rapid and effective applications, we recommend the Baby White glue because of its almost instantaneous drying time. Speed and effectiveness for a mind-blowing result.

With its clear texture without pigmentation, it’s ideal for Pandora lash extensions: you’ll achieve a distinctly natural look!

For optimal maintenance of the Russian Volume look using Pandora lash extensions, we recommend the Storelashes eyelash shampoo. It’ll allow you to sustain durable, bright, supple lashes despite daily make up removal and external destructive factors.