Preparator collagène
  • Preparator collagène
  • Preparator collagène

Collagen preparator

Perfect collagen preparator to clean the eyeashes before applying lash extensions […] For professional use

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Are you looking for a preparator so effective for lash extension application that it basically does all the prep work for you? That’s what you’ll get with the StoreLashes Collagen preparator. It’s the catch of the day in the world of lash extensions and you’ll quickly understand why.

StoreLashes Collagen Preparator

The StoreLashes collagen preparator is specially designed to eliminate all oily residues, make up and sebum in order to optimise the lash extension application.

It’s used before the primer and applied using a micro-brush cotton tip. The preparator is synonymous with a clean working station. The tool is sure to help you adopt the best habits in the preparation of natural lashes for the application of extensions.


Comes in a tube

Capacity: 15ml

Expiry: 6 months once opened, stored at room temperature.

Our Advice:

Use the Storelashes collagen preparator to make your life easier! The preparation of eyelashes and eyelids is of primordial importance in the professional application of lash extensions, whether it’s individual lashes or Russian volume. Clean, clear and ready-to-go lashes will make the world of difference.

Don’t neglect this preparatory step: the results of your application depend on it.

To maximise the lifespan of your lash extension, choose the lashes and glue you use with care. Discover the StoreLashes range by clicking here, and suggest the durable XXL lash extensions to your clients.

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