Pandora lash

The Pandora eyelash extensions collection is perfect for Russian volume application! If you are a technician who appreciates the best in premium eyelash extensions: fall for the Pandora range! Its specialty? Strips of eyelash extensions of 3 different lengths to vary the intensity of the look.

Pandora Collection Eyelash Extension

Pandora eyelashes allow you to create a unique look thanks to these 3 different sizes, perfectly harmonious with each other. Want to accentuate an area? Perfect, step up your game with maximal length and crazy levels of curve. Pandora Russian volume false eyelashes are a game changer and provide you with a way to use Russian volume for an even more spectacular result.

The Pandora collection (existing in Pandora kit, all in 1) allows you to create tailor-made clusters. With 2 existing curves and 3 lengths to mix, the application of Pandora eyelash extensions becomes magical. The clusters are unique, the lashes light for maximal comfort on a daily basis.

StoreLashes offers you a selection of silk eyelashes from the Pandora Collection, shiny, light, and resistant. It's up to you to select the Pandora eyelash extensions that best complement your single lash or Russian volume techniques.

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