Are you looking for primers and removers for eyelash extensions? Fall for the Store lashes collection: lash primer, eyelash remover, fake eyelash glue remover ... it's all there. Check out the remover, primer, professional eyelash cleanser.

Eyelash Extension Primer

As you know, the application of eyelash extensions requires some preparation: such as eyelash primer. The primer prepares the eyelash before applying the extension (whether single classic extensions, Russian volume, or some other technique). You therefore need it to apply XXL extensions, so that the fake eyelashes adhere properly to the natural base.

We offer a range of gel primers (eyelash cleansing primer) which optimise the adhesion of the eyelash extension. It is the assurance of a high quality application on a thoroughly-cleaned ciliary base: the adhesion is flawless and lasts longer.

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