Teeth Whitening

Discover our complete Store Lashes professional range dedicated to dental bleaching. 

From the complete dental whitening kit to the protective gel, the whitening gel or the fresh breath spray: all our products are certified and will allow all qualified professionals to perform exceptional services.

Professional dental whitening supplier

Choose the best value for money with our professional Store Lashes dental bleaching range.

Find all the products and accessories necessary for the realization of a dental bleaching that only, professionals qualified in this category can realize.

Store Lashes bleaching products, bleaching gels, protective gels, desensitizing gels or activated charcoal gels are sold in batches or individually. All the bleaching material is also available individually, dental retractors, protective eyewear and UV lamps.

Store Lashes puts at your disposal complete kits that allow the realization of the care in its entirety.

This service is reserved for professionals who have undergone dental bleaching training.

Do not use in pregnant or nursing women or on children. Follow the professional protocols you have learned to perform dental whitening safely.

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