Semi-permanent mascara

Do you offer eyelash tinting services?  Choose efficiency with the StoreLashes semi-permanent mascara and semi-permanent mascara kit! Use the best eyelash lift and semi-permanent mascara equipment on the market to ensure you get those super enhanced lashes easily.

Semi-permanent mascara

StoreLashes has thought of you, professional beauticians, to make your life easier and save you time on a daily basis with semi-permanent mascara. If you opt for a professional semi-permanent mascara kit, you’ll have everything on hand to deliver to your clients a magnificent eyelash tint.

You will find everything you need in our kits, such as: a brush, a lash cleaner, an eyelash shampoo, hydrogel patches, eyelash tints.

If you prefer to buy a semi-permanent mascara on its own, discover our entire pro range. You will find mascara primer, permanent mascara, semi-permanent mascara, mascara kits, etc. Everything you need for a false eyelash effect without actual extensions.

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