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Lash care & enhancement

Do you offer eyelash enhancement services to your clients? This technique without fake eyelashes naturally curls and lengthens the lashes for an XXL look. A practice highly sought after by clients, eyelash enhancement is on the rise! But to achieve this service perfectly (like with eyebrow lift), you need eyelash enhancement equipment and products. Check out the Store Lashes range: eyelash enhancement glue, eyelash accessories, eyebrow accessories, eyelash combs, eyelash brushes, metallic picks, eyelash enhancement patches etc. Check it out now!

Eyelash enhancement

Eyelash enhancement has become a very popular beauty technique in recent years. And with good reason: no need to apply eyelash extensions to get that sought-after doe-eyed look. Eyelash enhancement and tinting remains more natural and less restrictive in maintenance, which is very popular with clients.

For eyelash enhancement, all you need to do is effectively prepare the base of the natural eyelashes (with an eyelash extension brush, cleaning eyelash shampoo, eyelash cleaning brush, eyelash comb ...). Then, perform the technique that curls and lengthens the eyelashes. You shape the curve and achieve the desired effect in a very natural way. The eyelash is magnified, without difficulty.

Eyelash enhancement is often accompanied by tinting eyelash enhancement: the eyelashes are coloured, pigmented by an eyelash tinting product, using a suitable brush and other equipment. Eyebrow enhancement complements this beauty treatment perfectly.

Eyelash enhancement prices

As you know, to practice at a professional level for a competitive price, you must select the best products for the best prices. This is what we are offering on our professional eyelash enhancement and eyebrow enhancement range for you to check out ASAP!