Are you looking for eyelash pliers? As a lash prosthetist, eyelash tweezers are a crucial part of accomplishing sublime creations. Thanks to our exclusive selection, get yourself a magnetic false eyelash pliers, eyelash extension tweezers, eyelash tweezers. Find the tweezers you need for ever more precise single extension or Russian volume application.

Eyelash extension tweezers

Choose the eyelash tweezers that allow you to work quickly and precisely. In individual eyelash extension techniques, the tweezers are a precious tool to place the false eyelashes on the natural eyelashes with precision. As part of the Russian volume, with the pre-made eyelash clusters - which we also offer in the store - the tweezers allow you to stick the cluster to the base of the natural eyelash.

The eyelash extension application cannot be done without pliers: it is THE practical accessory. Discover the one that allows you better dexterity for a perfect rendering. Discover the eyelash extension tweezer range below.