Keratin Lash Lift - Care

Lashbotox: a safe bet for reinforced, shiny and supple eyelashes! As you know, lashbotox (or eyelash botox) is a very popular method lately ... And with good reason: this keratin mask allows your clients' natural eyelashes to be strengthened, which is an ideal complement to some of your other services, such as eyelash enhancement.

Lash botox: eyelash keratin

Lash botox eyelash enhancement is a revolution for a captivating look without the application of eyelash extensions. It provides length, volume and lash enhancement. It is the natural alternative to eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara or other technique.

Lash botox is a keratin-based eyelash mask that strengthens and beautifies the natural lashes. This botox-based method allows keratin to penetrate the natural eyelashes. The effect is almost immediate: thicker, stronger, longer and more beautiful natural eyelashes.

Keratin eyelash treatment is to be performed by a professional beautician only; check out the full Store Lashes range here.