Lash to lash kits

Not familiar with our individual eyelash extension kits? Hear Ye, they will make your daily life easier, facilitating your eyelash extensions applications. Discover the best of our Store Lashes kit products. Just for you, use the professional single lash kit, the lash extensions starter kit, the complete silk single lash kit ... In short: essential for creating intense looks with the individual lash technique!

Classic eyelash extension Kit

Did you know that instead of independently procuring the equipment to perform your ciliary prosthetic techniques, you can gain in efficiency? In time, in quality too? And all this thanks to the complete eyelash extension kit ... There is something for everyone!

The silk eyelash kit allows you to have silk eyelashes, tweezers, hydrogel patches, remover, brushes ... No need to be scattered, everything is close at hand.

The beginner eyelash extension kit makes it easier for you to apply flexible, easy-to-apply eyelashes. If you practice the Russian volume technique, the Russian volume eyelash extension kit is also available...

Complete eyelash kit - lash to lash

In short, discover all our eyelash kits available for you to create unforgettable looks for your customers. Choose the different kits according to your level, your dexterity, and the needs of your clients. Several curves to choose from, several lengths, thicknesses, shapes ...Check them out ASAP.