Russian volume kits

Do you apply eyelash extensions with Russian volume? You will love to make your life easier with Store Lashes Russian volume eyelash kits. Fall in love with a professional Russian volume eyelash extension kit, with everything on hand. Russian volume kits include the essentials to achieve unforgettable Russian volume poses.

Russian volume eyelash extension kit

The Russian volume false eyelash kit that we offer contains everything you need to perfect your most beautiful techniques. Clusters of pre-made Russian volume eyelashes, tweezers, glues, patches, and everything you need for incredible results. Make your life easier with eyelash extension kits and quickly and efficiently build Russian volume for your clients.

The Russian extension kit is an incredible time saver and a technique facilitator: the pre-made bouquets allow you to be more efficient. In addition, you can be creative by mixing different clusters of different lengths. The false eyelashes are amazing, dense, and curved to perfection! The Russian volume kit is essential to obtain urgently...

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