Complete Eyelash Enhancement Kit

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Were you yearning for an eyelash enhancement kit with all the necessary equipment in one place?

Were you looking for efficiency, ease, and high-quality products, to execute your eyelash enhancements to perfection? StoreLashes is offering a best-seller with the complete eyelash enhancement kit. Discover what you need to perfect your technique, natural, curved eyelashes that instantaneously embellishes your client’s gaze.

Complete Eyelash Extension Kit

The StoreLashes completel lash enhancement kit has been studied to meet the needs of all qualified technicians. It’s economical but complete, with enough resources for about 30 lash enhancement applications.

Lash enhancement embellishes the look by curving the eyelashes at their base rather than in the middle, like permanent lashes can.

You know this technique is safe. However, it is important that it is done by professional. The enhancement effect lasts about 3 months (the same length of time as the life cycle of a natural eyelash), providing the right materials and tools are used. Lash enhancement can be offered before the application of semi-permanent mascara or eyelash tinting.

Doe look guaranteed!


The kit contains:

- 3 permanent lotions (pink)

- 3 fixative lotions (white)

- 2 nourishing lotions (yellow)

- 2 cleansing lotions (transparent)

- 1 tube of glue ( perming glue high performance)

- 1 primer

- 10 hydrogel patches

- 20 cotton applicators (broad tips)

- 1 Y brush

- 20 mascara wands

- 3 pairs of silicone pads sizes S , M and L 

Expiry: 6 months if sealed / 3 months once opened

Lotions conform to European standards.

Capacity: 5ml per lotion

Our Advice:

For optimal results, we recommend using the complete StoreLashes eyelash enhancement kit, but equally importantly to follow the StoreLashes complete lash enhancement kit tutorial.

It’s the guarantee of a perfect result and your clients’ satisfaction of your work. For even more confidence, consider equipping yourself with an LED lamp which will light up your workspace.

Finally, discover and apply our professional tutorials for lash enhancement mastery by clicking here.

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