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StoreLashes primer is ideal to create a natural look with perfect adhesion.




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You know it, for a perfect and durable lash extension, a primer is imperative. You’ll reap the benefits of notable adhesion and durable resistance over time. Discover the StoreLashes primer to achieve unforgettable, voluptuous and astonishing lash extensions.

StoreLashes eye lash extension primer

Primer is an adhesion enhancing agent that makes the natural lash more porous, by stripping the natural oils, to improve the glue’s grip. Primer is applied once you have suitably cleaned and stripped your client’s natural eyelashes of their dead skin and oils. Ideally, it can be applied alongside the collagen based PREPARATOR.

It’s important not to forget diligent preparation of the natural eyelash. Indeed, this step is most contributory to the success of the outcome of your lash extension technique. This step is indispensable.


Golden bottle with included dosing cap: perfect for regulating how much of the primer you need.

Capacity: 15ml

Expiry: 6 months once opened


Our advice

As you know, eyelash and eyelid preparation are paramount to the successful completion of your lash extension. Confidence comes from ease and comfort throughout the job.

We are offering you the best with the StoreLashes range of lash extensions. Silk or synthetic lashes, special collections for beginners or experienced technicians. The tools you use will make all the difference for you and for your clients: the lightweight but effective glue will delight your clients.

To get your hands on the whole range of StoreLashes treatments, click here. To check out our professional tutorials, click here


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