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Hydrogel patches

Perfect hydrogel patch to isolate the eyelashes while you’re applying the glue.




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Need help with your eyelash extension practice? Check out the white hydrogel patch; it protects against the messy application of glue and offers a clean and neat finish. Magnificent eyelash extensions laid to perfection with the StoreLashes white hydrogel patch.

White hydrogel patches - lot of 10

The main purpose of StoreLashes hydrogel patches is to isolate the natural lashes of the lower eyelid to protect them from the application of glue. This is what makes it possible to avoid any involuntary sticking between an eyelash of the upper eyelid and an eyelash of the lower eyelid.

Thus, you avoid having to make corrections with a remove, for example.

The hydrogel patches are multi-action! Indeed, they have a hydrating and decongestant power which offers maximal comfort to your client. This is all thanks to the aloe vera gel they contain, effective throughout the entire length of the lash extension application.

Sold in lots of 10.

Our advice

For an optimal rendering, voluminous and clear eyelashes, we recommend that you use the StoreLashes silk eyelash range. Premium quality, bright, and flexible, they offer a high quality rendering for your client!

To discover the professional protocols for a better installation technique, click here.


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