Do you have everything you need for eyelash extensions? Store Lashes brings you the best in eyelash extension accessories. From vintage eyelash mirrors, to eyelash magnifiers, to patches for eyelash extensions, to hydrogel eyelash patches and LED magnifiers ... We offer the tools you will need to expedite your work for the best prices.

Eyelash extension accessories

As you know, eyelash extensions require accessories. Of course, you need false eyelashes, glue, tweezers, but not only that. We offer a whole range of complementary products to allow you even more precision on your applications.

So you can create tailor-made, unforgettable looks without difficulty. One of the essential accessories to gain precision is the magnifying mirror (or precision magnifier). This allows you to effortlessly aim more accurately and place the false lash closer to the edge of the natural lash. The extensions remain natural and last longer, thanks to this precious precision.

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