Training Mannequin Head

A mannequin head to practice lash extension application and to repeat these technical skills.




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Are you a beginner in lash extension application? Or are you a professional that is looking to perfect your skills, your dexterity, your speed, and technique? With the mannequin head by StoreLashes, your dream becomes a reality! Use it over and over to repeat your movements and obtain an impeccable result before replicating on your client. You need this immediately!


Mannequin Head for lash extension application

The mannequin head will allow you to learn how to apply lash extension, or to perfect your technique. Use micro foam tape for lash extension application (which you can find here) to stick on the eyelid in order to practise precise movements, to apply glue and to correctly position the individual lashes or clusters.

Your training will help you achieve a movement that is swift, precise, and effective that your clients will adore. The precision of your work will only keep improving the more you practise. If you are a perfectionist and wish to offer the best service to your clients, then the mannequin training head is an excellent tool to practise your application technique without risking customer dissatisfaction.



Dimensions of the training head:

Maintenance is simple and can be cleaned with water if there is glue residue on the eyelids.

We strongly advise you use the training lashes in order to better benefit from the training mannequin head. In terms of accessories, think about using the professional magnifying glasses or the LED lamp which will increase your precision. 



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