Russian Volume Silk Kit

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Are you dreaming of a turnkey kit for all your Russian Volume extension technique needs? StoreLashes has prepared for you a complete kit, ideal for ease of use, with everything needed to complete the job. A Russian Volume kit to create a bespoke look for each of your clients: volume, intensity, dense, well-worked eyelashes.

Russian Volume Silk Kit

Storelashes is recommending a lash extension kit specially designed for Russian Volume extension technique.

Save yourself some time by having all the materials necessary for lash extension applications. Russian Volume, which you will be familiar with, consists of placing hand-made cluster of lashes upon the natural eyelash.

In this kit therefore, you will find mixed silk extensions, adapted glue, mascara wand, etc.


This kit contains:

- 2 boxes of russian 0,07 C mixed silk lashes
2 boxes of Russian 0.07 D mixed silk lashes
1 Golden Luxe 5 ml
10 hydrogel patches
1 primer
1 remover
20 microbrushes
20 mascara wands
1 airblower
20 glue rings
1 pointed pair of tweezers Camelia collection
1 L-shaped pair of russian volume tweezers Camelia collection
1 roll of adhesive tape 

Nothing is left to chance: in the blink of an eye, create the intense, enthralling look that your client wants. To round off your work, do not hesitate to recommend the range of products adapted to maintain the lashes. The special lash shampoo is ideal because it ensures durability in your work until the next appointment.

Enough to satisfy your client with professional Russian Volume technique.

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