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Use the clear coating to protect eyelashes and lash extensions […]




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Need a clear coat for the optimal protection of your client’s eyelash extensions? The StoreLashes coating mascara that you’ll need, adapted for professional usage.

Storelashes Clear Coating

Care product for lash extensions, designed for use by professional beauticians and lash technicians.

The clear coat mascara is a protective care product for lash extensions.

It comes as a mascara that can be applied on the lash extensions to give them shine and flexibility. It protects your clients’ lashes from dirt and dust. It also prolongs the extensions’ lifespan.

It can be applied once per week and does not require any additional cleaning.

Tip: you can offer the clear coat as a separate treatment plan and include the mascara as part of the package. Please the client and earn their loyalty.

Our Advice

Further enhance the quality of your work and the client’s look with nourishing care products. Discover the Storelashes range including silk lashes, primer, remover, etc., for professional use.

For optimal client satisfaction, prioritise your clients’ comfort. Use a hair band and a memory foam pillow to provide your clients with absolute comfort and satisfaction.

Discover our professional tutorials to master a full range of techniques. Head on over to the semi-permanent tutorial here.




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