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Are you looking for high quality silk lashes to achieve the perfect 1:1 ratio lash extension look? Need a whole kit of mixed sets of lash extensions to achieve a variety of unique looks with great value for money? This mixed individual silk lash extension kit will allow you to provide a unique look for even your most sophisticated clientele.

Mixed individual silk lash extension kit

Store Lashes is offering this set of mixed individual silk lash extensions to allow for a variety of different looks with 1:1 lash extension technique. As an eyelash technician, you need a range of lashes in a single kit for it to be profitable purchase of raw material: silk.

You are also looking for quality, intensity, and reliability of lash extensions to best satisfy your clients. All the lash extensions at Store Lashes have been carefully selected for their lightweight feeling, their shine, and their silkiness.

They are a guarantee of high quality for your clients, durable and easy to apply. Your client will boast impeccable lashes right up until the next application roughly 4 weeks later.  

Advantages of the mixed individual silk lash extension kit

Would you like the ability to give your clients a variety of suggestions based on their unique facial structure? Select from several curves and thicknesses to create your personal kit.

What kind of look can you expect with the Store Lashes silk lash extensions? Easy: pleasantly supple and intensely black lashes. Discover our collection of STORE LASHES SILK by clicking here.


Length: 8 to 14 mm

Thickness: 0.15, 0.20 or 0.25 mm

Curve: C, D, CC or DD

Colour: Black

Kit: 16 arranged/ mixed

Material: Silk

Our recommendations

These lash extensions are perfectly suited for a natural look. The gaze is magnified, intensified, and subtly showcased. Achieve the perfect individual lash extension look thanks to your individual silk lash extension kit

For optimal maintenance of the eyelashes, suggest this complementary oil-free special eyelash shampoo to your client (ideal for gentle make-up removal).

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