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Baby White Transparent Glue

Baby White glue: perfect for coloured lash extension or eyebrow extensions […]



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Do you offer your clients coloured lash extensions? You’re going to need a glue adapted to working with coloured lashes. The StoreLashes Baby White glue is perfectly adapted to working with coloured individual lash extensions! This unique glue is also suitable for use in eyebrow extensions for a denser, cleaner line.

Baby White Transparent glue for coloured lashes

The Baby White glue is the perfect glue to use in the application of coloured lash extensions or that of eyebrow extensions. Due to its transparency, the fixation points will be invisible and the colours of the lash won’t be distorted. Its speed of effect of 1 second allows for a rapid and efficient application: no wasted time.  Once the lash is placed, it sets instantaneously. This glue does not contain any pigments.

The Baby White glue is only suitable for experienced technicians. Indeed, the speed at which it takes effect leaves little to no time for readjustments once the lash is placed. Of crouse, you can still fix your work using a remover if need be.


Capacity: 5g

Time to set: 1 second

Holds up to 8 weeks

Colour: Transparent

Temperature range: 19 to 23 degrees Celsius

Humidity limits: 45-55%

Suitable for experienced technicians only

Medical-grade glue conforming to European standards

Expiry: 4 months once opened, 12 months if sealed.

Our Advice

Be careful when using! The Baby White glue is designed to take effect rapidly, almost instantaneously (1 second), in fact. You must be very diligent with your position to avoid having to re-do your applications.

Thanks to this unpigmented glue, you can offer original lash extensions to your clients. You can also use this glue for eyebrow fillers, to create a clear, dense line. To find out more about our range of eyebrow fillers, click here.

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