Single Dose Express n°2 Fixing Lotion

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Do you offer eyelash enhancement services to your clientele? Have you discovered the excellent StoreLashes eyelash enhancement kits? Time to round off the effects of your kit with a single dose fixing lotion that is both effective and gentle on sensitive eyes.

Single dose express n°2 fixing lotion

The StoreLashes single dose express n°2 fixing lotion lets you fix the curve of your client’s natural lashes obtained by the perming lotion.

This professional fixing lotion works miracles to achieve that optimal curve you obtained on natural eyelashes.

Directions of use: Apply the fixing lotion after having thoroughly cleaned your client’s lashes following the perming step. Then let the fixing lotion sit for 3 to 5 minutes before removing the excess with a damp tissue.


Beware, this product should be used alongside the other lotions contained within the lash enhancement kit.

Expiry: 6 months if sealed.

Capacity: 0.8mL (single use)

Lotion conforms to European standards.

Our Advice

Check out the rest of the lash enhancement products available that our team of lash and brow professionals have designed for you. High quality products that are respectful of wellbeing and hygienic practises, created to help you create unforgettable lash enhancements!


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