In need of synthetic eyelashes to use for your eyelash or Russian Volume services? Discover the StoreLashes range of synthetic extension: synthetic fibre eyelashes to create an XXL look for your clients. Perfect for the classic individual lash, these synthetic false eyelashes allow for an intense, polished and shiny look.

Synthetic eyelash extensions

When to use synthetic eyelash extensions? It's simple: when you want to create a "wow" effect. When you are looking to create that Hollywood look, markedly doe eyed. The synthetic eyelash allows several curves, lengths, and thicknesses: a really intense result.

Shiny and supple, the synthetic extension can be used in individual lash or Russian volume, according to your preferences. Discover our entire range of synthetic eyelash extensions and choose the curves, lengths, thicknesses of your choice. Don't forget to complete your kit with the accessories, glues and tools adapted to your poses.

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