Russian volume

Russian volume. Is this the ultimate weapon that you wield to deliver XXL eyelashes, incredible volume, and a look of rare intensity? At StoreLashes, we are well-aware of this and we offer Russian volume eyelash extension in various forms. In a Russian eyelash extension kit, in a cluster, individually ... Your achievements with the Russian volume technique will amaze and hook all your clients...

Russian silk eyelash extension

Do you like to offer the Russian false eyelash technique to your clients? We get it. Good news: with the Russian volume lashes from our range, your customers will be delighted.

Perfectly customisable, supple, shiny, full silk cluster eyelashes, perfect for this very technical eyelash extension application. Discover the different ranges of Russian volume false eyelashes, with several lengths, curves and shades for a result that can be personalised as desired.

Russian volume eyelashes

The Russian eyelash technique remains the safe bet of the eyelash extension industry. To the one who democratised volume eyelash extensions ... now what? It's up to you to get yourself some high quality, resistant and stunning Russian volume eyelash extensions.

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