Booster Glue

The Booster Glue application accelerator facilitates your application of eyelash extensions.



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Do you want to increase your efficiency to accomplish your eyelash extensions applications quickly, cleanly, and durably? Pick the StoreLashes Booster Glue Accelerator. Make your life easier and shorten the work time for your client for more comfort. An efficient practitioner and a delighted client, this is what the Glue StoreLashes Booster allows you.

StoreLashes Booster Glue Accelerator

StoreLashes Booster Glue Accelerator accelerates the hardening of all glues and provides instant setting. It allows faster application with just as much efficiency. No need to wait precious seconds between each application of eyelashes or clusters of eyelashes.

Adapted for individual eyelash extension or Russian volume, the Booster Glue accelerator becomes your best ally.

How does the glue booster work? It's very simple: the contact of your glue with the StoreLashes Booster Glue allows a direct attachment of the extensions on the natural eyelash.

Directions of use

Apply a fine base to the lash line (clean and dry) using a micro brush (like this one). Then dry with an air blower or air dry, then start your eyelash extension application.

Instantly, the glue booster will speed up the drying time of the glue you are using.


Do not ingest, do not allow contact with eyes, in case of direct contact with the retina, rinse with clear water.

To optimise its conservation, please do not exceed 12 months sealed / 6 months opened, and store in a place protected from humidity.


Aqua, SD Alcohol, 39-C, polysorbate 20 Propylene Glycol, Phenoxylethanol, Cucumis Starivus, Sodium Chloride, Panthenol Hamamelis Virgiana Distillate, Glycine Soy Seed extract, Perfume, Allantoin, Benzoic, Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Ethylhexyl, Glycerid, , Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.


Our Advice

Facilitate and shorten the application times of eyelash extensions for your clients thanks to the Booster Glue StoreLashes. Mini revolution in the world of professional eyelash extensions, it allows you to achieve even more effective poses without loss in quality. The eyelids remain light, the eyelashes resistant.

In short: invaluable help to achieve even more poses effectively!

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