Eyelash Shampoo Kits - 5 x 60mL

Lot of 5 lash shampoos for the maintenance of natural lashes and lash extensions […]




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Are you looking for effective professional lash shampoo? Opt for the StoreLashes lash shampoo kit that will assist in the delivery of naturally beautiful lashes and extensions to your clients.

StoreLashes Lash Shampoo lot

The StoreLashes lash shampoo is to be used without moderation!

It allows the technician to wash the client’s natural lashes thoroughly to optimise the outcome of their work. Its oil-free composition makes it wholly compatible for use in eyelash extensions.

To apply it correctly, use a brush specially designed to clean eyelashes. You can then offer it as resale to your client who can use it for make-up removal; preventing damage to the lash extensions.

Our Advice

Directions of use: squeeze the pump enough for a hazelnut-sized drop of mousse. Use lash shampoo brush to apply it in circular motions to the eyelid and eyelashes. Wash off with a soft cloth.

Capacity: 60mL

Sold in lots of 5.

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