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Eyelash Shampoo Brush

Take advantage of ease of use with this special lash shampoo brush […]




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You’re using a lotion or shampoo to prepare your client’s eyelashes before applying individual lashes or Russian Volume extensions, aren’t you? You are going to love the flat lash brush. Ideal to clean the lashes before applying the extensions, your client can also use it daily to apply shampoo.

Flat eyelash Shampoo Brush

The flat brush for eyelash shampoo has soft, flexible bristles to ensure the gentle cleansing of lashes.

This tool is essential to you, as a technician, as well as to your client. You can use it to clean your client’s eyelashes before mounting the extensions, whereas your client can use it every day to remove make up without damaging her extensions.

By the same token, you can recommend the eyelash shampoo for resale to ensure that your client has all the necessary equipment to take care of her eyelashes.

No animal hair was used to prevent the risk of an allergic reaction.

Our Advice

Use the flat brush to prepare the base prior to applying the eyelash extensions. Use professional, precise tools to be more efficient and accurate. Your client’s lashes will be clear, voluptuous, and durable thanks not only to your technique, but also to the quality of the products you use.

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