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Be Careful Glue for Sensitive Eyes

Special glue for sensitive eyes (e.g. contact wearers) for lash extensions […]




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Are you keen to offer high quality lash extensions to your clients? Do you wish to use products that respect sensitive eyes? The StoreLashes Be Careful glue is the glue for you. Designed with sensitive eyes and contact wearers in mind, it will help you apply extension gently without aggravating the sensitivity of your clients’ eyes. Even your clients with sensitive eyes can sport a hypnotic look with individual lash or Russian volume extensions!

Be Careful Lash Extension Glue

The Be Careful glue is a delicate glue specially suited to individuals who have sensitive eyes and to those wearing contact lenses. This glue does not emit any vapours or odours, to optimise the comfort of your client. It takes 2-3 seconds to take effect which means you can readjust your position if the extension is placed perfectly.

Of course, your always readjust your position using a remover.

You can also use an air blower  to dry the glue even quicker, should the need arise.


Capacity: 5g

Drying time: 2 to 3 seconds

Holds up to 5 weeks

Temperature range: 19-23 degrees Celsius

Humidity limits: 45-55%

Suitable for usage by beginner and experienced technicians.

Medical-grade glue conforms to European standards

Expiry: 4 months once opened, 12 months if sealed

Our Advice

Remember to always ask your clients about the sensitivity of their eyes. To ensure the optimal comfort of your client both during and after the applications, you can opt for a delicate glue like Be Careful glue.

Effective, discreet and professional, this glue will allow you to work on your individual lash or Russian volume extensions without any discomfort to your client.

We recommend you use silk lashes on sensitive eyes and offer your client delicate care products for the maintenance of their extensions.

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