Need lashes extension glue? Glue remains an essential element for the application of eyelash extensions: it forms the link between the false eyelashes and the natural eyelash. False eyelash glue must be gentle on the eyes and effective for long-lasting hold. Store Lashes offers a range of exclusive eyelash glue, perfect for all your classic techniques including Russian volume.

Eyelash extension glue

The eyelash extension glue ensures that eyelash extensions remain stuck to the natural eyelash. Whether you are applying silk, synthetic, or other eyelash extensions, glue is essential.

Store Lashes offers hypoallergenic eyelash glue, eyelash enhancement glue, in sum, the best false eyelash glue on the market. If you are looking for quality at the best price, you will find in our selection a false eyelash glue with great value for money, as well as the extreme drying glue.

Eyelash extension glue is a crucial element in the hypnotic rendering of your creations. For a sumptuous look, the glue is very important. It should be light (so that it is pleasant on a daily basis), highly adhesive (to avoid losing eyelashes), waterproof (as much as possible).

This is what we offer with the entire Store Lashes eyelash glue range. It's your turn!