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Eyelash Enhancement Strong Perming Glue

Special Eyelash enhancement strong perming glue […]




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Do you offer your clients lash enhancements? Sculpting lashes to achieve a well-structured look, perfectly curved eyelashes with peak intensity? To achieve such a result, you’ll need to accompany your technique with adapted materials. This is why StoreLashes is recommending Perming Glue.

StoreLashes Perming Glue

The StoreLashes Perming Glue is a high-performance hypoallergenic glue. It will become your closest ally to accomplish perfectly structured eyelash enhancement work.

It’s harmless to skin and to lashes; you can glue the silicone pads to the skin, and the lashes to the pads.

This glue can also be used to glue eyelash bands.



Capacity: 5mL

Colour: Clear

Medical glue conforming to European standards

Hypoallergenic, latex-free, ideal of sensitive eyes

Our Advice

For your eyelash enhancement technique, the Perming Glue generates miracles. It respects ocular sensitivity, allows a perfect lash curve while remaining gentle on the eyes.

Keep your glue away from direct sunlight, temperature extremes and humidity. To check out our glue protection tool, click here.