Semi-Permanent Black Mascara

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Black semi-permanent mascara that lasts 4 weeks, works in complement with lash lifting […]




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Are you looking for a semi-permanent black mascara for professional use with your methods to enhance the beauty of lashes? Have  you had enough of untrustworthy and hard to use mascaras? You are going to love the semi-permanent mascara by StoreLashes: perfect texture, rapid drying process and an XXL effect guaranteed! 


Black semi-permanent mascara by StoreLashes

This semi-permanent mascara by StoreLashes will give you the effects of a normal mascara with an impeccable long-lasting hold for 4-weeks. 

This technique will allow you to offer lash makeup that doesn’t run, in any situation. It also allows to reduce the time it takes to do your makeup every day by skipping steps.

The black colour gives depth to the lashes which lack intensity. The application of the semi-permanent mascara is done with the help of Eyelash Lifting Lifter Separating Tool and can be done after a lash lift. That way, you will obtain a perfect curvature of the eyelashes, highlighted by the semi-permanent mascara.

The mascara comes in a vial as a thick liquid. The semi-permanent mascara effect lasts up to 4-weeks and is removed with a professional makeup remover.


Usage: 25 applications

Storage: recommended temperature between 15 and 25 degrees / the humidity must be under 35%.

Can be preserved 6 months unopened, 3 months once opened.

Capacity: 5g (about 25 applications)

Product for professional use only


A-cyanoacrylate de 2-methoxyethile, methacrylate de polymethyl, polymethylene polyphenyl

polysiocyanate, CI77499, 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone.

Our Advice

Quality, always prioritise quality for customer satisfaction and thus loyalty. By perfecting your technique and by using tools of professional standards: you are doing everything right!

Now discover the lotions and eyelash care by StoreLashes you can offer to your customers to embellish their look in the blink of an eye. Finally, discover the professional tutorials for a better method of semi-permanent application here. 


Semi-permanent mascara tutorial

Semi-permanent mascara tutorial

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