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What would you do without a wand for your lash extension applications? Alongside the lashes themselves, glue and tweezers, the mascara wand is one of the main tools for individual lash or Russian Volume extensions. Buy the tool that is critical for all professional lash extension applications with StoreLashes.

Eyelash Extension Mascara Wand

The Mascara wand is one of the most helpful tools available when applying lash extensions. This disposable bottle brush is used to brush the eyelashes, which you can use in every step of your application.

At the beginning of your application, you can use the wand to untangle the lashes, to prepare your work canvas (after having cleaned and prepared the natural lashes). In the middle and at the end of the application process, you can use it to expedite the removal of lashes in their Telogen phase and reinstate the extensions along the right axis.

In the case of disposal, it helps remove the extensions gently, with the assistance of a remover adapted to lash extensions.

Sold in lots of 10.

Our advice

Use the right tools and the right movements to achieve your lash extension applications perfectly. Using our StoreLashes lash extensions, you’ll attain voluptuous, bright and brilliant results, much to your clients’ delight.

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For the comfort of your clients and to encourage their loyalty to you, do not hesitate to invest in the element of comfort. This memory foam pillow will allow your clients to relax while you work your magic on their eye lashes. Guaranteed satisfaction.

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