Complete Semi-Permanent Mascara Kit

Complete semi-permanent water-resistant mascara for professional use




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Are you looking for a complete semi-mascara kit which allows you to make semi-perms on your clients with no issues whatsoever? Give in to our complete semi-permanent mascara kit by StoreLashes. Don’t you worry about materials: everything is in this complete professional kit!


Complete professional semi-mascara kit

Offer this semi-permanent mascara to your customers who want a neat and intense look with nicely prepared lashes. No need for lash extensions to have a mesmerising look.

If your customer has a natural curvature to their lashes already well performed, then the semi-permanent mascara can do wonders. Otherwise, we strongly advise you offer them a classic lash extension (individual lashes) or Russian volume depending on their preferences.

It would be advisable to do a lash extension or enhancement beforehand. The natural lashes are curved to perfection and the semi-mascara will easily enhance the look.



This kit contains:

-          10 hydrogels protection patches

-          1 Eyelash Lifting Lifter Separating Tool

-          2 black combs

-          3 pairs of silicon pads, washable and reusable

-          20 glue rings cups

-          1 semi-permanent mascara vial (without formaldehyde)

-          1 primer

-          1 gel remover

-          2 surgical tape rolls

-          20 eyelash brushes

-          20 micro applicator brushes

Practical and economical, this complete semi-permanent mascara kit contains all the necessary materials to start your business et will allow you to claim supplementary benefits. You can also proceed with a lash extension before the mascara application.

The semi-permanent mascara has a 4-weel lasting effect and can be removed with the gel remover.

Use: 30 uses/applications

Storage:  6 months before opening, 3 months once opened

Our advice

Respect the protocols for the semi-permanent mascara et beautify the natural lashes with the care and lotions by StoreLashes. Finally, to find out the professional guidelines for a perfect technique and application, clique here.



Semi-permanent mascara tutorial

Semi-permanent mascara tutorial

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