Small magnifying mirror

Magnifying loop for increased precision during your eyelash extension applications or lash enhancements […]




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Use this small magnifying mirror to boost your precision in your lash extension technique. Undeniably helpful, this StoreLashes magnifying mirror will grant you a clean, precise result, voluptuous lashes with dicreet glue marks.

Small StoreLashes Magnifying Mirror

The magnifying mirror is a precision tool; absolutely indispensable if you want to be confident that your clients’ lash extensions are applied flawlessly.

Thanks to its curved shape, the magnifying mirror offers you a valuable view of your work from the bottom. You can effortlessly monitor for potential faults in your work, giving you the opportunity to fix them with a remover and other tailored tools.


Material: Surgical steel

Durable, you’ll be able to clean it regularly to ensure good hygienic practises.

We recommend the complementary usage of an LED Lamp to improve the lighting. This will allow even better precision during the application. These two matching tools will drastically enhance the precision of your technique for an extraordinary result.

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