Why aren’t my eyelash extensions holding?


In order to help you, we are going to go over in detail all the factors that could contribute to the successful completion of your applications.

A frequently asked question on social medial, the quality of glue is often questioned, so we will detail in a few points all the factors that could jeopardise the successful completion of your extension applications:

The Technician:

 You are not working in the right conditions: Any technician owes it to themselves to be aware of the temperature and humidity levels at which she can work for optimal retention. As a rule of thumb, a temperature below 25 degrees and humidity between 45 and 55% are adequate. You must equip yourself with a hygrometer: it will be your best ally.

Your glue is poorly stored.

You must be diligent to avoid letting air into your pot of glue; never leave it open! An open glue, on average, only keeps 4 weeks (our glues keep well for up to 3 months provided the texture is good; if you use your glue every day, it will not retain its optimal functions forcing you to change glue every month). NEVER store your glue in the fridge, as it can cause premature polymerisation. Keep the glue at room temperature. Hot tip: keep your glue in a small bag of rice (which will absorb moisture).

Poorly prepared work area.

Thorough cleaning of the eyes before you start is crucial in order for the extensions to hold. This step will remove makeup remnants and excess sebum.

Your working time is not adapted to the drying time of the glue.

If your work is too slow, and even if the extensions stick, the hold will not be optimal. You must therefore choose your glue in relation to its drying time.

Your application is not correctly performed.

Eyelash extension is an artwork the practise of which requires dexterity and patience. It is very important to stick each eyelash in an isolated way, taking care to spare baby lashes. After each application, a thorough inspection is necessary. An extension must be placed perfectly along the axis, the base of the extension must be accurately glued to the natural eyelash.

The client:

Your client's eyes have been crying a lot during the application. Your client's eyelashes are producing a lot of sebum (oily eyelashes). Your client puts on (too much) eyelid makeup. Excessive make-up causes the extensions to fall prematurely, which is why it is imperative in this case to clean the extensions well every day using a cleansing foam and a makeup brush. Your client is sweating a lot. Your client is not maintaining her eyelashes properly (lack of cleaning, or cleaning with unsuitable products, did not wait two days after application before wetting her eyes). It is normal to lose eyelashes, we also put extensions on eyelashes in the telogen phase, that is to say just before their natural fall. If you are having difficulty maintaining your clients' eyelash extensions, you may need to perfect or review the basics of your training. Do not be discouraged!