Materials required for the Bio Keratin Lash Enhancement

Silicone Pads: one pair of each size: S, M, and L. They are washable and reusable. Perming Glue: Glue intended for silicone pads to glue the eyelashes. Bio Keratin Lash Enhancement: Treatment with pure keratin. It strengthens, thickens, and protects the eyelashes. Pink bottle: perming lotion to curl your eyelashes. White bottle: fixing lotion to ensure a hold of about three months. Yellow bottle: nourishing, moisturising and protective lotion, for strengthened eyelashes. Transparent bottle: cleansing lotion that removes excess glue remaining on the eyelashes, skin, and pads. Our Bio Keratin Lash Enhancement Kit:

Steps to follow

Preparation phase

Thoroughly remove make-up from the eyelashes to remove all traces of fatty substances. You can use a primer that will degrease deeply and prepare the lashes for the lash enhancement. Isolate the lower lashes by placing the hydrogel patches which will have a moisturising and decongestant effect and which guarantee maximal comfort to your client. Choose the pads according to the length and thickness of the lashes. Place the pads on the mobile eyelid in the crease of the eye (eyes closed). To facilitate the application of the pad, keep the eyebrow slightly raised. Brush the eyelashes methodically with a brush, and apply, if necessary, the primer using a microbrush. Make sure to place the eyelashes evenly on the pad using the perming glue. You can use a metal pick for easier placement.

Applying the perming lotion

Carefully apply the perming lotion (pink lotion) using a large cotton tip, being careful not to get any product into the eye. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the natural curve of the lashes. Remove excess product with a slightly damp cotton swab.

Applying the fixing lotion

Apply the fixing lotion (white lotion) in the same way as the perming lotion. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove excess product with a slightly damp cotton swab. * After applying the fixing lotion, it is possible to tint the eyelashes and continue with the following steps.

Applying the Keratin

Apply Bio Keratin Lash Lift using a large cotton tip, starting at 2mm on the entire surface of the eyelashes. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the product using a slightly damp cotton tip. The treatment has a lasting effect when used in addition to a lash enhancement. Indeed, the perming lotion (pink) by its effect, will open the cuticles of the eyelash and allow the eyelashes which have become porous to be intensely impregnated with the keratin contained in the keratin-based product. The treatment can be used daily to promote the growth of eyelashes which are weakened but be careful! it may also weigh them down.

Applying the cleansing lotion

Remove the remaining residue using the cleansing lotion (transparent lotion) on a soaked cotton pad and then gently scrub the lower and upper lashes.

        In order to retain the full benefit of the service, it is necessary not to wet your eyes for 24 to 48 hours.

        In the event of an allergic reaction to any of the lotions, wash the eye thoroughly with physiological serum (artificial tears).

        For a more pronounced look, you can also tint the eyelashes.

Precautions for storing vials

        Lotions should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

        Storage: two months once open.

        The perming lotion (pink bottle) must not come into contact with any metallic object.