• Colle Extreme 10g-0.5 à 1 seconde
  • Colle Extreme 10g-0.5 à 1 seconde

Extreme Glue 10 ml – 0.5-1 second

StoreLashes extreme glue: instant take for durable effectiveness […]



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Do you dream of a formidably effective glue? A glue for lash extensions with an instantaneous drying time for a precise and durable result? The StoreLashes Extreme glue is what you’ll need, in 10g format for evermore extension applications.

StoreLashes Extreme glue 10g

Extreme is StoreLashes’ upscale, durable lash extension glue. With its high resistance take lasting up to 10 weeks, your client will be thrilled.

This glue the dream among qualified technicians who want a quick and effective job. Thanks to its 0.5 second drying time, no wasted time between each lash. The moment you place the lash, it is glued.

You can always replace your lash using a remover, of course.

Another advantage of the Extreme glue? No delineation points are visible: its black colour makes your fixation points between the extensions and the natural lashes invisible. With its optimal fluidity, Extreme avoids excess glue for a more natural result.

The glue takes 48 hours to polymerise: thus, tell your clients not to get the lashes wet for at least 48 hours following the application.


Capacity: 10g

Drying time: 0.5 to 1 second

Colour: Black

Temperature: 15-40 degrees C

Humidity range: 20-75%

For use by professional technicians only

Medical-grade glue conforms to European standards.

Expiry: 6 months if sealed; 4 months once opened.

Our Advice

Take care to store your Extreme glue away from humidity and extreme variations in temperature. To avoid premature catalysation of the glue, remember to give it a shake occasionally. That way it can last longer between uses if you need it to.

We almost recommend you use our silk lashes, with the Extreme glue, to enhance your individual and Russian volume lash extensions. On the cards? Invisible fixation points for a long-lasting and spectacular result!

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