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Easy Fan Clusters 5ml

Need a practical glue that can be adapted to all your lash extension applications including Russian Volume? [...]

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Are you looking for a special Russian Volume glue? A glue that helps you easily create and compose lash clusters with remarkable hold? StoreLashes Easy Fan Glue will make the difference. Check it out now.

Easy Fan: revolutionary glue in Russian volume

Easy Fan glue is specially developed for the Russian volume technique. Create your clusters easier and faster.

Store Lashes Easy Fan allows beginners to advanced technicians to create eyelash extension clusters more easily without wasting time. Thanks to its transparent and fluid texture, this water-soluble glue is applied to the base of the lash, 1mm away from the adhesive tape. Thus, eyelashes glued this way do not come loose, cluster can be created and placed on your client's eyelashes.

Easy Fan adapts to all boxes of eyelash extensions and all materials. If you are looking for an effective and adaptable glue for all techniques including Russian Volume, this is the glue for you!

Apply your Easy Fan glue with a brush on 1mm of the eyelash extension strip in small quantities. Upon drying, the glue becomes transparent, the result is invisible and without material excess.

Once your lash extension strips are ready, you can create your clusters with ease. Of course, your eyelash extension strips can be prepped in advanced.


Latex-free glue, hypoallergenic and water-soluble.

Drying time: 10 to 15 seconds

Expiry: 8 months if sealed; 6 months once opened.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct light.


Our Advice

Protect the glue from temperature variations and humidity to ensure that it lasts longer. If you do not use it on a daily basis, do not hesitate to shake the glue pot regularly in order to avoid catalysation of the glue.

For an ever more intense look between 2 appointments, offer your client a StoreLashes lash extension maintenance treatment. With optimal maintenance, the result of your extension installation will always be more impressive and satisfactory for your client!

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