Are you looking for silk eyelashes (silk eyelash extensions) for your work as an eyelash technician? We offer you the finest selection of silk eyelashes to work on your silk false eyelash technique. Lightweight, supple, shiny, perfectly curved silk eyelash extensions. You will love them!

Silk individual eyelashes

As you know, silk eyelash extensions are very popular with women who want well-curved eyelashes that don’t get in the way. With silk eyelash applications, the natural eyelash easily supports the false eyelash because of its light weight.

Accomplish your professional goals with the StoreLashes Complete Silk Lash Kit: the essentials for perfecting that beautiful look. Whether you choose mink, silk, or synthetic eyelash extensions, the principle remains the same: deliver beauty with silk lashes.

Discover our entire StoreLashes professional range to achieve your most individual lash techniques.

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