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Sale Single size Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Unique Russian silk eyelash extensions for efficient lash extension.

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Do you need to work with unique silk eyelash extensions? Try the Store Lashes eyelash extensions. Lightweight, radiant, high quality: give your clients a durable and impeccable look. Use professional, premium quality, easy-to-apply lash extension, thanks to our range of Store Lashes silk lash extensions.

Premium silk lash extensions

Why should you choose Store Lashes unique silk lash extensions? Easy: our silk lashes are known for their lightweight feel, shine, durability, and softness. We are determined to provide high quality lashes to satisfy your clients and give you confidence in your tools.

The most compelling argument we have for you, professional lash extension technician, is that these silk lash extensions are so easy work with. You can focus on your technique with ultimate confidence in your equipment.  

The Store Lashes silk lash extensions are easy to apply, easy to maintain, and of the highest quality. Your client will sport impeccable lashes right up to her next appointment.

Choose from our STORE LASHES SILK collection here.

Store Lashes unique silk lash extensions characteristics

Length: 7 to 14mm

Thickness: 0.05, 0.07 or 0.10mm

Curve: C, D, CC, or DD

Colour: Black

Kit: 12 rows

Material: silk

Simply put: your Store Lashes extensions are perfect to create custom-made packages, obtaining thick, lightweight, and radiant eyelashes. Do not hesitate to advise your client on how to maintain her eyelashes between appointments thanks to our professional selection of lash shampoos and products.

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