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Do you want to offer a truly resistant eyelash extension design? One that will hold well between 2 appointments and that allows your client not to constantly monitor the fragility of her eyelash extensions? StoreLashes Wonder Lash is the product for you. Thanks to its retention action, it reinforces the action of the glue and therefore provides optimal resistance. Your extension application will last longer, easily.

Wonder Lash glue enhancer

A true revolution in the field of eyelash extension, Wonder Lash by StoreLashes reinforces the action of the glue. It allows the eyelashes to hold more durably and effectively. In addition, Wonder Lash reduces allergic reactions caused by glue vapours, and increases glue retention by up to 30%.

What’s the basic principle? When Wonder Lash is applied to the eyelashes, it mixes and reacts with the glue. This will harden and make the glue points more elastic. This is how the hold of your eyelash extensions is prolonged.

That little extra comfort? The feeling of "dry eyelashes" will no longer apply to your clients. Wonder Lash and its 2 actions offers an effective working tool for your eyelash extension application.

Directions of use

Apply Wonder Lash 2-3 minutes after applying eyelash extensions.

Apply a small amount of product on a micro brush, then spread a very thin layer on the glue points. Make sure that the glue points remain slightly moistened (not soaked) by the product.

Dry the liquid with a fan. With Wonder Lash, you no longer have to wait 48 hours to wash your lashes. Eyelashes are now protected, and retention is much better.

Wonder Lash Ingredients

Aqua Sodium, Chloride, Ethyl methacrylate, C1160725, fragrance, Benzyl alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool.

Do not ingest, do not put into the eyes, in case of contact with the retina, rinse with clear water. Finally, keep the Wonder Lash eyelash extension 12 months closed and 6 months open.

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