Single Dose Express n°1 Perming Lotion

Single dose curving lotion for lash extensions […]

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Discover the exclusive perming actions of the StoreLashes Single dose express n°1 Perming lotion! Thanks to its unique properties, the StoreLashes single dose n°1 lotion will assist your lash enhancements perfectly. Please your clients by offering them a faultless lash enhancement job.

Single dose express n°1 Perming lotion

The single use express perming lotion for eyelashes by StoreLashes will allow you to curve your client’s natural eyelashes in under 5 minutes. With its express action, the natural lash takes the shape you want it to, effortlessly. Your client can therefore sport a well-drawn gaze with perfectly curved eyelashes.

Our Advice

Directions of use: Apply the perming lotion after having thoroughly cleaned your clients’ eyelashes with a lash shampoo and/or a primer. Then, let it take effect for the 3 to 5 minutes before removing it with a damp tissue.

Beware, this product is recommended for use alongside complementary lotions within the lash enhancement kit.

Expiry: Lasts 6 months if sealed.

Lotions conform to European standards.

Capacity: 0.8mL (1 use)

Use tools and lotions adapted to your professional lash enhancement technique. Aside from your dexterity and technique, the materials you choose to work with are instrumental to creating spectacular lash enhancements.

Your clients will appreciate a high quality and durable result. Your choice of tools and materials will help you stand out from your competitors. Discover the range of lash enhancement products here.

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